After garnering numerous standing ovations and many awards for his heart-throbbing Mallakhamb performances, the one and only Mr. Anup Thakur now takes on a new and exciting challenge.

Mr. Thakur embarked upon a new business venture in 2020. His business is now growing swiftly and at a pace that is reaching clients in many parts of India as well as in other countries.

His company, Mallakhamb Factory, provides all types of fitness products for those who are interested in gymnastics, Mallakhamb, and other physical exercise. His products range from accessories, aerial hoops and rings, aerial silk/tissue material, safety mats, Mallkhamb, Swedish Wooden Wall bars, gymnastics equipment, trampolines and so much more.

His website is www. Please be assured that Mallakhamb Factory’s products are made with quality materials and with meticulous craftsmanship. The company offers free shipping with a minimum order and plenty of ways to receive online support.

Here is the contact information that is also available on the MallakhambFactory website.